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Ambassador of culinary art and impeccable service, our Restaurant offers you the opportunity to serve international cuisine: both famous specialties and traditional Romanian dishes.



our Restaurant is Beeftek Tartar, a preparation of raw cow mussels, prepared in front of the prepared client which in combination with various spices becomes a very special and delicious product. Thanks to the wide range of dishes that can be served in our Restaurant we are proud of being among the few restaurants in Brasov that offer the opportunity to serve organs (beef liver) of cooked dietary products, as well as a vegetarian menu containing various entrees and cocktails of crudities.

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Interesting Facts About Romania

Romania. A hidden gem that is located in the Southern Eastern part of Europe, a country filled with history, culture, food and above all else, some of the most interesting facts. Did you know that the country’s main capital, Bucharest, is also referred to as “Little Paris”? It sounds rather enchanting, doesn’t it?

First and foremost, the origin of its name usually paired with the likes of the Roman empire. If you ask a foreigner about the origin of its name, they’ll probably guess it as the name is similar to ‘Roman’. The name ‘Romania’, is thus derived from a Latin word, ‘’Romanus’’ which description translates to “citizen of the Roman Empire”.

Romania, interesting to say the least

  1. Romania is known for their wine and while this is a fact few may know, they’re not situated above Italy for no reason. Romania ranks as the ninth largest wine producer globally. It seems the Romanians have good taste too.
  2. Romania is popular for its inventors and one such, Henri Coanda, invented the first modern jet engine in 1910 which served as quite a prestigious moment for the country.
  3. Romania’s soprano, Alma Gluck was the very first lyrical artist that sold a million records in the world. She paved the way for Romanian musicians and future artists.
  4. The capital city of Romania, Bucharest’s mass transit network ranks as one of the largest in Europe.Poenari-Fortress-real-Dracula-castle
  5. Romania’s city, Timisoara, was the very first city in Europe to construct electric street lighting.
  6. The scientist who discovered insulin was Romanian and his name was Nicolae Paulescu. He originally named insulin ‘pancreine’. He was regarded as a pioneering hero for his work in the field of diabetic medicine.
  7. Some of the earliest homo sapiens fossils were discovered in 2002 in South-Western Romania. It was referred to as the Cave of Bones and dated as far back as an estimated 37,800 to 42,000 years.
  8. The Danube, a famous river on the Black Sea canal in Southern-East Romania, is regarded the world’s third longest man-made navigating route and its boat ride is quite a popular activity for tourists.
  9. Bucharest, Romania’s gem, serves as a home to thousands of dogs that have no home. There are around 9,000 people bitten by dogs on an annual basis and the government has tried to kill these dogs as there seems to be no home for them.
  10. Romania has one of the largest gypsy populations in all of Europe which makes the country seem even more traditional and worth seeing.
  11. The Romanian Palace of Bucharest’s parliament is regarded as the second biggest building globally. The Pentagon in the U.S. rates as number one.
  12. Gold, gold, gold. Romania is the country that has the most gold in all of Europe.

With a long list of inventors, medical practitioners, strange facts, as well as interesting, Romania is one interesting and country and definitely a must-see on our bucket list. After all, what’s more, to discover if these facts are only the very tip of the iceberg?

Amazing Romanian Foods You Must Try in the Lifetime

Although many tend to contemplate that Romania has a cuisine of their own, it’s safer to say that they have one of the best selections of food that serve as the best of the best with a global purpose.

Many of the foods you find in Romania that is thought to be the country’s ‘traditional’ food is actually available in a few other countries across Europe a well. The only factor that differentiates whether the food is different to that of other countries is the unique blend of herbs and spices that give a unique flavour, along with the preparation of these dishes. Although this does make Romanian food unique to the country, one thing that does not allow Romania of having their own cuisine is that they do not make use of seasonal produce.

For instance, countries such as France and Italy tend to make use of the very best produce during certain times of the year and only when the food is flourishing at its best, whilst Romania uses the produce all year long in most of their dishes.

Nevertheless, Romanians can cook and whoever beg to differ, is either a liar or simply doesn’t know the definition of well, good food.

The best of the best in Romania

Cabbage Rolls – “Sarmale”

Made from the best ground meat which includes beef, sheep, pork, poultry and fish, “Sarmale” is a much-preferred dish in Romania. It simply mixed rice, a mixture of ingredients of choice, rolled up in cabbage leaves. This dish is best cooked in a cast iron or over a small fire and needs to sit at least for two days to gain the necessary flavour. It is also served in Serbia, Palestine, Jordan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon and Greece to name a few countries.

Smoked Sausages

As the perfect snack, smoked sausages will leave everyone wanting more. It can be served in various ways and flavoured with different spices such as paprika, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper.

Smoked Bacon

smoked bacon

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Smoked bacon is considered a traditional type of food in Romania and is flavoured with a spice or herb of choice.

Pork Feat

As an ancient tradition for the Romanians, a pork feast is considered as a ‘thank-you’ dinner to honour both relatives and friends that helped to process food which is obtained from butchering a farm-raised pig. All of the meat of the pig is used and made in different ways, but all cooked in its own fat.

Bean soup with hocks

As a core food in Romanian cuisine, this South, bean soup can be prepared in several different ways and includes a range of different vegetables. It is usually flavoured with either dill or tarragon and in some regions, is thickened with flour which is cooked over oil, along with sour cream and vinegar. This soup is considered one of Romania’s national treasures.

Boiled Corn on Cobs

Serving as the main ingredient in some of Romania’s best main meals, especially for children, boiled corn is also considered tradition and is usually made by elder people for their children and grandchildren. By merely adding butter, the Romanians sure did something right with this vegetable.



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